The Swagath Story


The Swagath Story

The Epitome of Indian Hospitality

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When we think of the Heartland, we think of our rich heritage, colourful culture, feast-worthy food, and, of course, our warm, welcoming hospitality. Hence, we created SWAGATH to celebrate the glory of our vibrant nation and continue the legacy of feeding our guests and serving with a smile, always! We invite you to savour the essence of India in every bite at Swagath to create an unforgettable dining experience.

जयराम बनन

Mr. Jayaram Banan

FOUNDER - Swagath Restaurant And Bar

The man on a mission – Mr. Jayaram Banan, has a taste for the finer experiences in life. And after setting extraordinary benchmarks in top-tier restaurants and fine dining all over India, he realised the most valuable thing in life is family. Hence began the story of Swagath, where we curate culinary legacy for a luxurious family dining experience so you can savour the moments with your loved ones.

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हमारा उद्देश्य

Our mission is to bring the vibrant flavours of India to your table with authenticity and warmth, creating memorable dining experiences that celebrate our rich culinary heritage. To be the premier destination for authentic Indian cuisine, celebrated for our flavours and cultural immersion, sharing India’s essence with the world.

पर्दे के पीछे

Where the Feasts are Flambéed

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Our Royal Rasoikhanas (kitchens) were founded with the intent of creating a legacy. Now that we’ve done that, we are consistently reimagining and evolving to keep the flame alive (quite literally). When the doors open, a graceful symphony of aromas infuses the air and immediately transports you to a mystical land of flavours.

Humaare Baawarchikhaane ke parde ke peeche, aapka SWAGATH hai! (welcome to our kitchen)

Crafting the perfect delights doesn’t come easy! We pride ourselves on delivering finesse and quality in our meals for over two decades. The Swagath experience brings the freshest ingredients from local farms and vendors to give you an authentic regional taste. In our efforts to be more mindful, we are adamant about ethical material sourcing labour practices and avid encouragers of Make in India.

जयराम बनन से साक्षात्कार

Exclusive Jayaram Banan Interview

सम्मान और प्रतिष्ठा

Proudly Recognised And Celebrated For Our Culinary Excellence

Hindustan Times Award

Swagath Awarded By Hindustan Times for the exceptional culinary experience.

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India Today Award

India Today awards Swagath for the rich and tempting meals and cuisines.

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Top 5 Restaurants in India – The Miele Guide

The Miele Guide has awarded Swagath the accreditation of one of the Top 5 Restaurants in India.

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HT City Awards – Vir Sanghvi’s Personal Favorite

Swagath holds an award and recognition from the HT City for being Vir Singhvi’s Personal Favourite.

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The Times Food recognises the efforts and dedication Swagath puts in the creation of its dishes and cuisines.

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