Who Founded Swagath


जयराम बनन

Mr. Jayaram Banan

FOUNDER - Swagath Restaurant And Bar

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Jayaram Banan, the creative mind behind Swagath’s culinary wonders, emerged from humble beginnings in Uddapi, Karnataka. Starting as a utensil washer with a meagre income of Rs. 18, Jayaram’s journey is an inspiring tale of relentless dedication and hard work. Within six years, he rose to manage prestigious hotels, showcasing his passion for the culinary arts.

Moving to Delhi, Jayaram secured a canteen tender and eventually launched his own South Indian restaurant. Fueled by an unyielding ambition for success, he fused traditional Indian flavours with a hint of Continental finesse, transforming the culinary scene.
Swagath, Jayaram’s prized creation, epitomizes his commitment to delivering extraordinary high-end dining experiences for families. It transcends being merely a restaurant; it’s an ode to India’s diverse culinary heritage. Jayaram Banan’s relentless pursuit of culinary perfection is evident in every dish, making Swagath a revered destination for food enthusiasts across North India.

” Spices, Stories, and Savory Creations: Driven to Deliver True Indian Tastes.

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