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पुरस्कार और सम्मान

Celebrating Success

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We take immense pride in the recognition and acclaim we have received over the years. These awards not only validate our culinary excellence but also inspire us to continually raise the bar. We are grateful for the recognition bestowed upon us by esteemed institutions and culinary experts, and we will continue to maintain the high standards that have earned us these accolades.

While we are honoured by the accolades we’ve received, our journey doesn’t end here. We will continue to raise the bar and set new standards in the culinary world. We strive to create memorable dining experiences for our guests and to share the rich and diverse flavours of Indian cuisine with the world.

Hindustan Times Award

Swagath Awarded By Hindustan Times for the exceptional culinary experience.

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India Today Award

India Today awards Swagath for the rich and tempting meals and cuisines.

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Top 5 Restaurants in India – The Miele Guide

The Miele Guide has awarded Swagath the accreditation of one of the Top 5 Restaurants in India.

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HT City Awards – Vir Sanghvi’s Personal Favorite

Swagath holds an award and recognition from the HT City for being Vir Singhvi’s Personal Favourite.

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The Times Food recognises the efforts and dedication Swagath puts in the creation of its dishes and cuisines.

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